For the Kazakh people, who created a thirty-day game, a forty-year wedding, any holiday has a special place. In particular, the tradition of celebrating nauryz on a large scale is spreading its wings every year. This is probably the happiness of a peaceful country where there is also unity. One of these events is held at the Aktobe technical and Technological College. National Games were played, traditions and customs were presented as a stage performance, which made a special impression on the audience. Both the beautiful song and the dance of thousands of turned dancers brought great joy to the audience. The college teachers also showed that they were not deprived of art. On the great day of the Ulus, when the blue stone of Samarkand is blurred, Kazakh traditions and Customs will sound, and the soul will go to nature. In the ancient rite, The Thick thinned, and in the thinned stirrups, the nomadic people more or less survived the winter and gave Nauryz kozhe. Nauryz kozhe is a symbol of the holiday, a symbol of abundance, revival, symbolizing the mouth of the nomadic people. On the great day of the nation, the staff of the college prepared Nauryz kozhe for students. Let the taste of light march soup conquer you. Until the coming March, all four eyes, carefree, full of heart, brother!