The college has a five-storey academic building and laboratory and practical workshops with a total area of 5714 sq. m. (educational area-1645 sq. m., educational and laboratory buildings and workshops, dining room-3420 sq. m., gym-648 sq. m.). The ground floor was put into operation. During 2004-2014, the premises of the building were modernized to meet the requirements of the educational institution. Two flow classrooms for 150 and 70 seats, subject rooms and laboratories are organized and equipped. In accordance with the list of classrooms and laboratories according to the State Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan the college has 18 classrooms, 11 laboratories, 1 kitchen-laboratory, 1 locksmith and mechanical workshop, a training garage, a sports hall, a sports ground.

Conducting laboratory and practical classes and practices-locksmithing and mechanical and assembly and dismantling is carried out in the workshops and laboratories of the production and technical base. In the PTB boxes there are the following workshops: car maintenance shop, electrical, welding, copper and diagnostics. There are 8 car lifts installed in the car maintenance shop. In the laboratory "Device of cars" there is a car VAZ 2101 for installation and dismantling of practical exercises. The laboratory is equipped with the following stands: for determining the brightness of the headlights, the maximum permissible tensile loads, a brake stand for testing engines, devices for determining sound insulation, the degree of gas contamination. There are two cars VAZ-2106 and Wolswagen for driving practice.

There are 10 locksmith's workbenches and sets of tools for passing the plumbing and mechanical practice. At the moment, laboratories of physics and electrical engineering are being equipped. Students of the food industry are trained in the laboratory-cafe "Baursak". There is the following equipment-extractor hood, frying cabinet, marmite, production mixer, refrigerator cabinet, packer, deep fryer, various dishes. There is a buffet. There is a medical office, which in 2008 received a license (AK No. 10192 DD of April 22, 2008) to engage in medical activities.