Memo to the population on the prevention of acts of terrorism
Memo to the population

to prevent acts of terrorism

Be observant! Only you are able to timely detect objects and people, strangers in your entrance, yard, street.

Be vigilant! Pay attention to the behavior of others, the presence of ownerless and inappropriate objects.

Ensure the safety of your home: install an iron door with an intercom in the entrance, check the closure of basements, attics and technical rooms every day.

Do not pretend not to notice anything about the dangerous behavior of fellow travelers in transport! You have every right to travel safely in transport.

Never accept items for storage or transfer to another person, even the safest ones.

Finding a suspicious object in a deserted area should not weaken your caution. The attacker could simply leave him, frightened of something.

Even if you have personal experience with explosives, do not try to touch them. Homemade detonators can be supersensitive and subtly cunning.

Do not approach, and even more so, do not touch a suspicious object, it could cost you your life.

Teach your children safety measures: do not talk on the street, do not get into cars and do not open the door to strangers, do not pick up orphan toys, do not touch finds, etc.


Memo to the population

upon detection of suspicious persons

Signs indicating the planning or preparation of an act of terrorism:

1) repeated appearance of suspicious persons in the environment of the building where you work (often visit), or in the courtyard of the house, taking photos and videos, as well as entries in a notebook;

2) attempts to avoid meeting with law enforcement officers and to evade surveillance cameras (lowered his head, turned away, covered his face);

3) penetration into basements and attics of buildings by persons who are not related to their maintenance;

4) unreasonable entry of strangers into contact with security guards and service personnel of administrative and residential buildings, eliciting information from them about the operating hours, security measures, etc .;

5) the search by unauthorized persons of people who are ready to perform insignificant work for a solid reward (transfer of a package, a package, a parcel).

In case of detection of suspicious persons, you must perform the following actions:

1) Do not accept independent attempts to detain;

2) Immediately report them to law enforcement agencies;

3) Without attracting attention, record the number of persons, exact signs of appearance, clothing and items available with them, the brands and numbers of the cars used, the direction of travel.


Memo to the population

upon detection of suspicious items

Be aware that the appearance of an item may obscure its true purpose. Common household items are used as camouflage for explosive devices: bags, packages, parcels, boxes, toys, etc.

Signs indicating the explosiveness of the detected object:

1) the presence of an unknown package or any object near the car, on the stairs, in the apartment, etc.;

2) someone else's bag, briefcase, box, any item; unusual placement of the discovered object near the car, apartment doors, in the entrance;

3) stretched wire, cord, wires visible from the outside of objects, power sources or insulating tape;

4) noises from a detected suspicious object (characteristic sound, clockwork, low-frequency noises).

If you find a suspicious item, do not disregard this fact:

1) in public transport:

- interview people nearby and try to establish the belonging of the item (bags, etc.) or who could have left it;

- if the owner is not identified, immediately report the find to the driver or conductor.

 2) at the entrance of your house:

- ask neighbors, perhaps the item belongs to them. If the owner is not identified, immediately report the find to the law enforcement agencies (tel. 102, 112).

3) on the street, park, etc .:

- look around, if possible, try to establish the owner. If it is not installed, immediately report the finding to the law enforcement agencies (tel. 102, 112);

- try to shield or at a distant distance do not allow strangers to the object. Upon arrival of law enforcement officers, transmit information about the time of the discovery of the object.

4) in an institution, organization:

- Immediately report the finding to the security officer or the administration of the facility.

Do not take independent actions with finds or suspicious objects that may turn out to be explosive devices - this can lead to their explosion, numerous victims, destruction.

It is strictly forbidden to:

- to open, to move from the place, to lift, to carry the object, to take it in hands;

- put an item in your pockets, briefcase, bag, etc .;

- to bury them in the ground or throw them into water bodies;

- to break off or pull wires leaving objects