As part of the implementation of the "college eager to learn" concept, on March 17, 2023, a seminar "what does a mentor learn?" was held at the action was held. Purpose: to activate interest in the book, to attract students' attention to reading. The curators of the college Myrzagalieva N.Zh., Zholmukhambetova V. Zh., Zhalmaganbetova G. M., Almaganbetova K. M., Nazgul Magauiyevna took part in the action. The participants of the action shared their favorite literary works, shared their opinions about the latest books they had read.
Myrzagalieva N. Zh.: "I was taught to read books. The first thing I remember is that I read a children's book by Mark Twain. Then I got interested in reading. My book, which I have finished in the near future: the collection of Esbolat Aydabosyn "Sulikkara". This is a young author. Nevertheless, the more I notice the epic broad breath in the work of this writer, the more I feel the psycho-poetic text.", - he said.
"My interest in reading began in elementary school, when the teacher got carried away with fast reading of the text. In the beginning, I read the entire work for better reading. And then I became interested in the content and began to search. Every time I was friends with a book, I was immersed in a strange and Secret world. The artwork also helped me learn the language. One day I read Leo Tolstoy's proverb "reading a good book is equivalent to talking to an intelligent person" and moved on to selecting and selecting the most necessary books. It is interesting to read the world's bestsellers in the original. I am currently reading the book "The Book Thief" by the Australian writer Marcus Zusaki. This work tells about the fate of a little girl named Liesel during the war. He takes various actions to find the book he needs, without giving up the habit of reading books, no matter what difficulties he may experience. The essence of the joke "the book does not relate to the crime that she stole" is understood by the one who reads this work," says Nazgul Magauiyevna.