"BOOK STARFALL" (book exhibition)
As part of the implementation of the concept of "Reading College", a book exhibition was organized in the library of Aktobe Technical and Technological College on February 22, 2023: "Book Starfall", where the works of writers in Kazakh and Russian of the series "Library of Kazakh Literature" are presented:
Mailin B - "Red striped fur coat", Murtaza Sh- "Moon and Aisha".
Yesenberlin I –"Khan Kene", Yelubai S – "Lonely Yurt", etc.
A book is a great treasure, a source of knowledge and wisdom. Each book is a unique story, a different fate, great wisdom. A book is always a small holiday! They are like an unsolved mystery that you want to crack. We are sharing this secret with you today. The guys got acquainted with the new products with great pleasure.