Bookcrossing Book Club Corner

In Aktobe Technical and Technological College, as part of the implementation of the "Reading College" concept
, the Bookcrossing Corner is designed and constantly operates - a kind of book club.
Its purpose is very simple; "Free the book after reading it, let someone else use it.
Dear friend!
Maybe there are books on your bookshelf or pantry that you want to let go. It's very easy to do this!
• bring the book to the ATTK library
• get another one in return
• after reading the book, put it back in its place:
❓ ❓ do you have any questions? Contact the ATTK Library
The aim of the Project is to attract the attention of a modern student to a book, increase interest in reading. Every book we release can make us happier, introduce us to interesting people and change our lives.