🌟In the life of a teacher’s office, you rarely meet people who are filled with divine light, endless optimism and faith in the best. Such a bright, extraordinary, interesting personality is the respected Tatyana Dmitrievna Orlova, who has worked in the system of technical and vocational education her entire adult life. In modern education, we need people who are capable of performing a unique feat every day. Because life sometimes presents us with such difficult tasks that require a quick solution. Now, when many children are very vulnerable, sensitive to the edges of injustice, and emotionally unstable, we need people with great self-control and patience. Our Tatyana Dmitrievna is just such a person. Perhaps this is largely due to mathematics, a subject that requires a person to be able to concentrate thoughts and find an acceptable way out of a difficult situation. A teacher who is in love with his subject, with the magic of all kinds of rules and formulas, always knows how to find a compromise, a cure for despondency and sadness. Yes, Tatyana Dmitrievna is a real engineer of human souls. Easy to talk to, very hospitable, tactful, charming, always with a sweet smile on her face - she is the real embodiment of the belief that people live on this earth for a reason. Her mission is to sow seeds of kindness, love and humanity in the souls of boys and girls every day when entering the classroom. We want from all our hearts, a large team of teachers and students of the Aktobe Technical and Technological College to congratulate our Tatyana Dmitrievna on Labor Day! May the light of great devotion to your once-made choice in your life continue to shine over your head. Let the smiles of friends, colleagues, children give you an ocean of energy in order to continue to warm everyone around with your kindness, infecting us with optimism and the desire to live, smiling despite any difficulties and problems!