📢On September 29, group 332 of our college received safety instructions and the distribution of places for practical training. This stage of our training program involves not only the acquisition of new knowledge, but also the practical application of it in production. ✔️The safety briefing was conducted by our outstanding specialists: Deputy Director for Training and Industrial Practice - Zh.S. Bazarbaev, and Industrial Training Master, K.D. Baranov. Their professional knowledge and experience will help our students feel confident and safe in their workplaces. 🏆We are also pleased to announce that our students were successfully distributed across the enterprise bases of our social partners. Among them are such large organizations as West Motors, STO Start, STO Nikel and many others. This means our future professionals will have excellent experience and the opportunity to put their skills into practice. 💥Let this stage of practical training bring them not only knowledge, but also confidence in their own abilities. We wish our students a successful and safe industrial practice!