On September 6, 2023, students of the department “Operation of Motor Transport and Electrical Supply” gathered at a line-up organized by the head of the department, Zh.S. Bazarbayev. The line-up was dedicated to important aspects of students’ academic performance and attendance, which is an integral part of their educational path. Among the participants in the lineup were also present: Director of the college - Kim L.I., District inspector for juvenile affairs of police department #3 of the Almaty district of Aktobe - Abdollaeva Zh.B. , Deputy Director for Academic Affairs - Berestinova S.K. , Deputy Director for Educational Work - Myrzagalieva N.Zh. and Head of the Security Service - Kudaibergenov R.O. The line emphasized the importance of active learning and proper organization of the educational process. Inspector Abdollaeva Zh.B. gave a speech in which she emphasized the relevance of the problem of juvenile delinquency and the importance of solving it. This line-up was an excellent opportunity for students and staff of the educational institution to discuss important aspects of education and education.